The "Local Review Pro" Training Sessions!

Here's how to make a great income selling your Video services to clients that can't wait to talk to you and are excited to write you checks!

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Here Is Why Your Going to Love This Training...

You can make great money doing Local Video Marketing and in The Local Review Pro training your going to learn who are the best customers to go after, how to warm them up with a simple to make and rank review video so that they want to talk to you about working with them, what exactly to offer them when you do, and how much to charge different types of businesses so YOU make money!! Plus much more!

This is one of the fastest ways to start making good money (this is how I got started) using your Video Marketing skills that you already have OR... if your just getting started online or in Video Marketing!

Your going to get all the info you need in these 4 weekly sessions plus the QnA. This training will be laid out in step-by-step format, so that it’s easy for you to follow along.

I’m going to be sharing EVERY single trick, tip and tactic you can use to make the income you want doing local video marketing.

My goal with this training is give you the confidence and the step by step info you need and to have you making money with this method as soon as the last session is done (or sooner).

What exactly will you be Learning in The Local Review Pro Sessions...

Keep in mind that this training is designed to kick your Local Video Marketing business into overdrive and get you results, FAST!

If you follow along over the next 4 weeks and put in the time doing what I am going to teach you you’ll have a profitable Local Video Marketing business that will make you money over and over.

Week #1 Training...

In the first session we're going to go over why starting a Video Marketing Services biz is a great idea and we are also going to go after the basic steps in the process so you understand everything before we get started on the actual training.

We'll also talk about what makes this work, why the Local Review Pro method gets you more money coming in faster and what makes this killer strategy stick so well!

We will also do some live QnA plus a little training if time allows but mainly I want to use this 1st session as a primer so we're all on the same page right off the bat. =)


Week #2 Training...

In this session your going to learn how to warm up the local business so that they WANT TO TALK to you by using a simple to make and easy to rank review video that I will show you how to create in no time flat.

We'll talk about the offer your going to make them so that they can't wait to meet with you to find out more about what you can do for them using your video expertise!

Finally I am going to walk you thru the meeting process and give you one simple method you can use to almost guarantee they say yes after you give them your price! You need to use some Psychology but works!

Week #3 Training...

OK now that you have your super interested client in the 3rd training session we're going start talking about one of the most important parts... the pricing model!

We'll go over all of the factors you need to consider when you price your services for different types of businesses and I'll even show you when you should just walk away.

Then we'll dive into the actual pricing numbers and what you should be charging for who and why. And then the best part... we talk in depth about "Closing The Deal" and getting your checks!

Week #4 Training...

OK we're almost done and ready to start killing it with this Local Review Pro method!

In this last session we will talk about what you need to be doing in order keep all of the authority and control in this relationship so that you keep getting paid month after month (ya you not only will be getting paid a fee to start we're also going to make sure you get paid monthly to keep the videos ranked).

There are a couple simple things you need to make sure your doing as far as this goes and I will explain them all in detail.

Also I am going to talk about how once you get busy using this model you can start outsourcing this if you want to. You can rinse and repeat the process over and over for a nice monthly income! I'll show where and how to find the outsourcer's to do the work so you don't need to.

OK... I am Ready to Start so When Do The Local Review Pro Training Sessions Begin Bill?

The first session will be on Tue Jan 5th at 8pm EST

UPDATE: We have already completed the sessions and there are currently MORE THAN 14 training videos uploaded into the members area ready for you to start watching right now!

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This training is EXTREMELY Limited! I want to make this a very personal and interactive training so I am only allowing 300 people in.

Also this is probably the LAST time this training will EVER be at such a discounted price.

In a months time I will be charging between $197-$297 for this type of training.

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BTW... all of the sessions have been recorded and uploaded into the LRP membership area plus any of the additional resources I provided during each weeks training.

I look forward to seeing you inside the LRP members area and on the 4 training sessions!

Thanks! Bill

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Price: $197.00